Three Outposts, Three Ways to Experience the Haw River

Visit our new outposts to explore different sections of the Haw River. This guide will help you choose which outpost offers the right trip options for you and your group.

Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Rivers, and people, are ever-changing, and this is especially true when you have options about where to enter the water.

If you would like to explore the Haw River, or perhaps you’ve already paddled in Saxapahaw and feel like you’ve seen it all, consider trying one of our new outposts. We have situated our outposts at several different spots along the Haw River to give our guests a taste of different aspects of the river’s personality.

We now operate three river operations, located in the following areas:

  • Saxapahaw Outpost (our central location)
  • Glencoe and Stoney Creek Outpost (located in northern Alamance County)
  • Bynum Outpost (located just outside of Pittsboro, a short drive from the NC Triangle)

Read on to find an outpost that can show you a new aspect of the Haw River and come find out if Heraclitus was right!

Paddle in Saxapahaw

Though we have expanded operations, our home base remains in Saxapahaw, where you can paddle Saxapahaw Lake or try a variety of our guided trips.

Our options in Saxapahaw are always expanding, but some of our frequent options include the following:

Our Saxapahaw outpost is the only one that offers the chance to paddle on moving water. If you’d like a little more adventure in your paddle trip, try our Swepsonville River Park to Saxapahaw Lake option or the Saxapahaw Mill Race to Union Bridge trip.

Saxapahaw is a well-known day-trip destination as it offers a multitude of activities in a small space. You can pair an outdoor paddling trip with a hike on one of the river trails; a meal at The Eddy or Saxapahaw General Store; drinks at Haw River Farmhouse Ales; or a concert at Haw River Ballroom or the Saturdays in Saxapahaw festivals.

There’s plenty to do in Saxapahaw, and a few hours on the river is a great foundation to build your day around.

Paddle in Glencoe

The Glencoe Mill Village is an historic district in northern Alamance County. Located just outside of Burlington, our Glencoe outpost offers a chance to blend outdoor experience with local history.

Some of the experiences we offer at Glencoe include:

Our Glencoe outpost is located across the street from the Textile Heritage Museum. This convenient location means you can visit the museum, stroll around the old mill, visit the Glencoe dam, and walk a variety of hiking trails at Great Bend Park.

Paddle in Bynum

We have finally opened a location to serve folks closer to the Triangle area. If you’re in Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill, our new Bynum Outpost offers a getaway from city life without committing to a long drive.

Right now, you can book a trip on Bynum Lake, a section of Haw River flatwater just above Bynum Dam.

Consider this a lake-on-the-river situation with a maze of islands to give your trip a more intimate and adventurous feel. These islands teem with wildlife and signature horsetail reeds, an ancient grass from the Paleozoic era.

This excursion is suitable for all skill levels, and the put-in is located just off the 15-501 bridge between Pittsboro and Chapel Hill.

If you visit our Bynum Outpost, make it a day-trip by adding a visit to historic Pittsboro or Fearrington Village.

Different Person, Different River

We hope that offering a variety of paddling options will inspire you to get out and see the Haw River from different perspectives. Rather than feeling like you’ve “been there, done that,” consider challenging yourself to enter the water at a new location. What seems a small action might prove momentous.

You may find the river, and yourself, changed.