Expand Your Reading List: Barry Lopez

Get to Know Barry Lopez Henry David Thoreau.  Rachel Carson.  Most people with a passing interest in environmental writing would know these names. To Thoreau we credit the dream of retreating from society to get in touch with ourselves. To Rachel Carson we grant the awareness that our daily chemical use can have profound effects […]

Explore the Haw River Hiking Trail (HRT)

When most people think of hiking in North Carolina, they immediately focus on the mountainous, western portion of the state, fixating on crown jewels like Great Smoky Mountains National Park and cities like Asheville. As a hiking destination, the North Carolina Piedmont is often overlooked (even by locals), but over the years, this area has […]

Staff Spotlight: Caroline Newlin

As a local business, we love to hire within the community. Often we find people who not only love the water but also have a deep-rooted connection to the North Carolina Piedmont. They bring local knowledge. They bring integrity. And sometimes…they ride unicycles. Which brings us to Caroline Newlin. A resident of Snow Camp, North […]

Get to Know the Barred Owl

A Singular Call If you’ve walked the Southern woods at night, then you’ve probably heard the Barred Owl’s memorable call. According to Audubon’s Guide to North American Birds, the call is a “loud barking hoo, hoo, hoo-hoo; hoo, hoo; hoo, hooo-aw!”  But if you ask a common birder to make the Barred Owl call, you’d […]

Bob Brueckner: The Importance of Community and Giving Back

Bob Brueckner is the best definition of unassuming: no flashy gear, no boasting. If you met him, you’d probably not guess he’s a sought-after kayak and canoe instructor. Well, unless you see him near Saxapahaw Lake, in which case he would be the guy in a dripping spray skirt, patiently explaining kayaking strokes to a […]

Great Blue Heron: Encountering Grace along the Haw River

If you have spent time on the Haw River, or around any rivers or lakes in the Southeastern United States, then you have probably seen this familiar bird. Figure : Often mistakenly called a crane, the Great Blue Heron (Ardea Herodias) frequently stands alone in the shallows of inland rivers and lakes and is […]

Staff Spotlight: Jacob Matheny, Operations Manager

Getting Hooked on the Water If you ask a paddler why they got into boating, they will often share a particular moment that hooked them on the sport. For Jacob Matheny, the Operations Manager at The Haw River Canoe & Kayak Co., that memory is buying his first canoe at age 16 with money he’d earned […]

Your Guide to Saturdays in Saxapahaw

The village of Saxapahaw has become a phenomenon in central North Carolina known for its tasty food, arts, river recreation, and great live music. During the summer, these things blend for a village-wide community event: Saturdays in Saxapahaw. If you’re looking for a taste of eclectic culture, this is the place to check out. When […]

How Paddling Improves Mental Health

Anxiety. Depression. Stress. As a hurried, modern society, we share many of these struggles, but we also share a common healing element: Nature. What Does Nature Have to Do with Health? You’ve probably heard of “Nature-Deficit Disorder,” a term coined in 2005 by Richard Louv, to describe the plight of modern children who live media-saturated […]

In Celebration of the Haw River Assembly: 40 Years of Protecting the Haw

Who is the Haw River Assembly? If you fish, swim, paddle, or otherwise appreciate the Haw River and Jordan Lake, then you have the Haw River Assembly (HRA) to thank. While you may not know them, the HRA has been advocating for the Haw since 1982, and they are now celebrating their 40th anniversary. The […]