Women and Kayaking: Benefits of Challenging Yourself

As longtime outfitters, we’re here to tell you that women make up the majority of our kayaking clients. Not only are they usually the ones who book our trips and arrange for their loved ones to enjoy the outdoors, they also bring a valued energy that deserves attention. Women have frequently told us that kayaking […]

How to Help Children Connect to Nature

If you’d like to help a child appreciate the natural world, then this guide will introduce you to the need for nature connection and offer resources to get started. What is Nature-Deficit Disorder? Playing outside used to be a central component of childhood. Aside from spending time with friends, a child also had direct experience […]

Know Your Heat-related Illnesses

Getting Outdoors in Hot Weather: Know Your Heat-related Illnesses Summertime has always been hot, but with worldwide temperatures trending ever higher, you may be wondering how to still enjoy the outdoors when you see those heat records breaking. Use this blog to learn the major hazards of exercising in hot weather.   While most of […]

A Quick-start Guide to Stargazing

Stargazing is a fun activity when spending time outdoors at night, and though all those points of light can feel overwhelming, the night sky doesn’t have to be a complete mystery. Use this guide to identify some commonly seen star patterns and constellations in the Northern Hemisphere. As children, many of us were captivated by […]

Jump-start Your Paddling Skills with Our Instructional Courses

If you want to learn a new skill or push a current skill to the next level, use this guide to familiarize yourself with our instructional courses. Many people will admit they like to learn, but they’ll often add that they don’t like traditional schooling. Our teaching style is outdoors and anything but traditional. Learning […]

Paddling with Kids: Tips for Paddling with Children

Introducing a young person to kayaking, paddleboarding, or canoeing is a great way to build lasting bonds. Use this guide to help you cover the essentials for a safe, fun outdoor experience. Introducing a child to the outdoors is a privilege. You have the chance to foster a love of nature that will nurture them […]

Three Outposts, Three Ways to Experience the Haw River

Visit our new outposts to explore different sections of the Haw River. This guide will help you choose which outpost offers the right trip options for you and your group. Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same […]

Haw River Trail Authorized to Become Haw River State Trail

The Haw River Trail has long been an attempt to provide conservation through recreation, a means to connect people to the Haw River Corridor by dedicating areas where they can hike, picnic, fish, or paddle. Like many conservation efforts, the HRT land trail has been developed in sections, relying on the “generosity and cooperation of […]

Staff Spotlight: Jerry Yang

You might think of Jerry Yang as our resident vagabond. Happily living full-time out of his SUV, Jerry has arranged his life to be able to paddle, travel, and work various jobs in the outdoor industry. His story is reminiscent of Henry David Thoreau’s advice: “As long as possible live free and uncommitted. It makes […]