Women’s Enrichment: Journey to Introspection

Join us for Part 1 of our new Women’s Enrichment paddling program, titled Journey to Introspection.  This will be a guided open discussion on getting to know yourself, recognizing personal attributes that help us in our everyday busy lives. Following the open discussion, there will be a brief stretching exercise and instruction on basic paddling techniques.  We will then journey on a flat-water section of the Haw River for a 2 1/2 to 3 hour paddle to explore the wonders that the beautiful river provides. Keep your eyes open and your schedules clear for Part 2 of the series titled, Women in Work: Achieving the Proper Balance.

Fee: $40 per person with a canoe/kayak provided.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.