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Or maybe … maybe it is enough to say that I am here, as another voyageur once put it, to iron out the wrinkles in my soul.” Douglas Wood


Haw River Festival: Saturday, May 3rd., 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. In Saxapahaw, NC

Join the Haw River Assembly in celebrating its 32nd. year at its annual Haw River Festival in Saxapahaw, NC. The Festival will kick off the summer outdoor music season with this special time by the river. The day will feature live music, local arts & crafts, delicious food & refreshments, a farmer’s market, stream monitoring, canoe rides for young kids, information on watersheds and new & vintage T-shirts.

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Haw River Assembly Notifies the City of Burlington of Its Intent to Sue Under Provisions of the National Clean Water Act of 1972

Under the national Clean Water Act, a citizens group has the legal right to sue a governmental body that has violated the provisions of the Act. The Haw River Assembly (HRA) has filed a 60-day noticed with the City of Burlington that it intends to sue the City for violations in connection with numerous untreated sewage spills over a period of years. The Southern Environmental Law Center is acting as attorney on behalf of HRA.

The issue is basically that the City’s sewage collection system is old, in disrepair, outdated and is in need of an upgrade. Since the City is required under the Act to report spills over a certain amount, there is a public record that the City is not meeting the provisions of the Clean Water Act. Since the State of North Carolina has not required the City to upgrade their system, HRA has taken up the cause to make sure untreated sewage does not make its way into the Haw River.

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We Need a Bynum Outpost Coordinator – Have Any Interest?

There is an ole saying that “sometimes you can be too successful for your own benefit” and that is the case for our operations out of Saxapahaw. We have a great crew this year for teaching, guiding and putting renters on the river, but we don’t have the “bench” we need to adequately meet the needs of our Bynum Outpost.

We are looking for someone who loves the river, loves paddling and enjoys being with people. If you meet those qualifications and may be interested, either give us a call at 336/260-6465 or send us an e-mail message to We can send you a job descriptions so that you can see exactly what is expected of you and whether or not you have the qualifications.


Self-service Canoe Rental on Saxapahaw Lake

To meet the flexible needs of our guests, we have created a self-service canoe rental program on Saxapahaw Lake. Our program works like this. We have canoes stored on racks next to the river. Each is locked down by a separate chain and lock. If you would like to rent a canoe and have flexibility as to when you go and when you return, simply either call our office at 336/260-6465 or go to our website and complete a trip registration form. We will acknowledge receipt of your reservation and send you a PayPal invoice. As soon as we get notified that you have paid, we will provide you with the lock combination and the location for your PFD and paddle. We ask that you do your best to return the canoe, paddle and PFD as clean as you receive them.

The information about our self-service canoe rental was also posted on our April blog.