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“The wonder of the world, the beauty and the power, the shape of things, their colors, light and shade.  These I saw.  Look ye also while life lasts.” – From an old gravestone in Cumberland, England

March 1st. represents the beginning of our 2013 paddling season.  We are set to go.  The website is up-to-date.  New boats, stand-up paddle boards and paddling equipment have been purchased.  Additional staff has been added.  New paddling courses and guided trips have been designed.  Summer camps are shaping up.  Partnerships have been established so that our new Bynum Outpost is a reality.  Now, we just need the weather to cooperate.  We are anxious to get on the water.

By the way, we have decided to turn our monthly newsletter into a regular blog, so if you received our monthly newsletter via e-mail in the past and found it worth reading, you will want to start going to our blog which will be updated weekly.  Just click on the word “News” on the homepage of our website and you will immediately be taken to our blog.