The Haw River Paddler


“We allow engineers and scientists to convert nature into dollars and into goodies.  A river is a thing to be exploited, not treasured.  A lake is better as a repository of sewage than a fishery or canoe-way.  We are replacing a natural environment with a synthetic one.”  Justice William O. Doulas


River Rescue Training

What would you do if you turn over in your canoe or kayak and the current sweeps you downriver?  Would you know what to do if someone-else turned over in their canoe or kayak?  What rescue gear do you take along with you on a river outing?  In addition to first aid supplies, do you have a throw rope and know how to use it?  How would you un-pin a canoe or kayak?  What knots would you use?  If someone is hurt, do you know what to do?

Fully enjoying a river outing comes from two things.  First, being connected with the rhythms of the earth creates a sense of wellbeing.  Knowing what to do to rescue either you or someone-else, brings peace of mine.  Besides always wearing your PFD when out on the water, knowing what to do in a rescue situation is very important.

We have a new 3-hr. course you may want to take advantage of whether you paddle a canoe or a kayak.  It is called River Rescue for Beginners.  It is offered four times a year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  If interested, give us a call (336/260-6465) or send us an e-mail message (


Selling Used Boats

Perhaps the three most common questions we get asked are:  is it going to rain, am I going to get my feet wet and do you have any used canoes or kayaks for sale?  The answer to all three questions is YES.  There is always a 50-50 chance that it will rain.  It either will or it won’t.  Getting your feet wet is totally under your control.  Used boats are a fact of life.  We tend not to sell any of our fleet until after the end of the season; however, because we are in the paddling business, we are always coming across used boats.

Without getting into the “new” boat business, we have decided to offer used canoes, kayaks and stand up paddles boards in three ways.

  1. Consignment – Bring us a used boat or board that you want to sell.  Let us know how much you want for it and we will put it on display either in our office or outside.  We will add a little to your asking price for our time and trouble.
  2. Search Image – Let us know what kind of boat or board you want, and we will keep an eye out for one.  If we find one at a price where we can get a little for our time and effort, we will buy it for your required price.
  3. You can either put down a deposit or buy one of our canoes, kayaks or stand up paddle boards now, but not take title to it until mid-November.  Keep in mind that the boat or board will be used by us until then.Joe Overlooking Cook Inlet at Clam Gulch