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“Some will tell you that creation ended when God created the earth in six days.  Those who tell you that have lost their connection to Nature where the life force shows itself every hour of every day and every season of every year” – Anonymous


American Spending on Outdoor Recreation Is a Major Driver to State Economies
Outdoor Industry Association Releases Economic Data for All 50 States

According to a press release by the Outdoor Industry Association® (OIA) economic impact of outdoor recreation demonstrates that outdoor recreation is an important driver of state economies, supporting jobs, businesses and communities. “Americans spend almost twice as much on outdoor recreation as they spend on pharmaceuticals each year, and outdoor recreation supports more than twice as many jobs as the oil and gas industry.”

Figures compiled for each of the 50 states indicate that with nearly 140 million Americans participating in outdoor activities each year, outdoor recreation is a larger and more critical sector of the American economy than most people realize.  “The outdoor industry can continue to generate jobs and be an economic driver in the United States if parks, waters and trails are managed as a system designed to sustain these economic dividends for America.”

–And you just thought that paddling was a way to relax and distress.  Little did you know that in your attempt to be a healthier person, you were actually contributing to a healthier economy?  If you would like to know more about OIA’s study, you can go to


A New Look to Our Office

It is amazing how a little paint (Is 6 gallons a little?) and a lot of imagination can turn a poorly lit office into a bright, fun place to be.  Thanks to Jake, Corey, Lawrence, Cassie and Katie, our office walls have been transformed into an outdoor scene complete with a running river, forest, mammals, fish, turtles and birds.  The ceiling is about to be transformed into the golden colors of the sun, not too unlike part of our logo.  If you are in the neighborhood, come take a look.  Who knows, if we aren’t finished, me just might put a paint brush in your hand and see what you come up with.

Joe Overlooking Cook Inlet at Clam Gulch