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I am outraged that the last pristine places on our looted earth are being sullied without mercy, vision, or good sense by greedy people who are robbing their fellow citizens of the last natural bounty and profusion that Americans once took for granted.” Peter Matthiessen


Turtle Six Pack SqueezeEarth-day 2014: How are we doing?

Recently, there has been a lot of news coverage about our Piedmont rivers like the Haw River and the Dan River. In that coverage, the news media always refers to “the environment” like it is something apart from ourselves. We have lungs that breathe in air and kidneys and a liver that filter out toxins, but somehow “the environment” suggests something not connected to ourselves. Why don’t we get it. We and the environment are one; not us and it, but one.

As a society, why are we not totally outraged every time something negative happens to a species, a landscape or a biome like the northern temperate rainforest or Gulf of Mexico? We are outraged at the Boston marathon bombing, the rape of a teenager or the genocide of a nation. All of these are assults on us. Why aren’t we equally outraged at pollution that could be eliminated by our leaders in Congress and the Legislature if only they were not more interested in getting elected or re-elected instead of being public servants; leaders.

Years ago, at the time of another Earth-day, Pogo in a cartoon said it all, “we have met the enemy and he is us”. It is impossible for us to live on this planet without having some negative impacts, but we can minimize those impacts by how we live our lives, what we value and how and what we love. Love you Mother (earth) as you love your family and friends. Her health, their health and your health depend on it.


Wild & Scenic Film Festival: Friday, April 25th., 7:30 to 11:00 p.m. In Greensboro, NC

Guilford College’s Cape Fear River Basin Studies Program is putting on a fundraising event to benefit the work of the Haw River Assembly. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival will be held at the Carolina Theather (336/333-2605) at 310 South Greene Street in Greensboro, NC. The Film Festival will feature independent films, local beer and door prizes. For tickets & information, go to


Haw River Festival: Saturday, May 3rd., 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. In Saxapahaw, NC

Join the Haw River Assembly in celebrating its 32nd. year at its annual Haw River Festival in Saxapahaw, NC. The Festival will kick off the summer outdoor music season with this special time by the river. The day will feature live music, local arts & crafts, delicious food & refreshments, a farmer’s market, stream monitoring, canoe rides for young kids, information on watersheds and new & vintage T-shirts.

For directions and more information, visit or


Self-service Canoe Rental on Saxapahaw Lake

To meet the flexible needs of our guests, we have created a self-service canoe rental program on Saxapahaw Lake. Our program works like this. We have canoes stored on racks next to the river. Each is locked down by a separate chain and lock. If you would like to rent a canoe and have flexibility as to when you go and when you return, simply either call our office at 336/260-6465 or go to our website and complete a trip registration form. We will acknowledge receipt of your reservation and send you a PayPal invoice. As soon as we get notified that you have paid, we will provide you with the lock combination and the location for your PFD and paddle. We ask that you do your best to return the canoe, paddle and PFD as clean as you receive them.

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