Special Events

Great Blue on Haw by Elaine ChiossoWe provide a canoe or kayak, paddles, PFDs (personal floatation devices), shuttle service and at least one experienced guide/naturalist for all guided trips. These trips are good for paddlers of all skill levels who enjoy paddling with others to share the adventure. The guide will give a brief paddling and safety talk before each trip and can help you along the way. Advance registration is required for all guided trips.

Adult Weekend Adventure Camp

Why should children have all the fun. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself as special, and a good way to do that is to escape the stresses of home and work life for a weekend away from it all. That is where the Village of Saxapahaw, NC comes in. Our unincorporated village is known for a place where food is both good and good for you, the visual and performing arts are amazing and where Nature is in her full glory as you hike along or paddle on the Haw River.

This adult weekend adventure camp was created to free you from the chores of life while you enjoy staying in comfortable accommodations, eating great food that is prepared to your liking and paddling and hiking. The camp begins with a wine & cheese social Friday evening and concludes with an afternoon hike or paddle on Sunday. It will be up to you to choose how much or how little you want to participate in the planned activities. It is your weekend to get away.

Fee: $399 per person includes lodging for two evenings at TerraStay Farm, meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches & 1 dinner) at the Saxapahaw General Store and guided hiking and river trips in addition to private paddling instruction.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Voyageur Canoe Trips

River travel with a group has never been more fun than our Voyageur North Canoe.  Seating 10 adults, it’s a great way to see the river and paddle together with your family and friends.  Voyageurs are famous as the long boats which the explorers used to navigate the lakes and rapids of the Great Northwoods and Canada.  They are extremely stable and accessible to people of all ages.

Trip Fee: $35 per participant.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Meteor Shower Paddle

The Perseid Meteor Shower is a “river of rubble” leftover front the Swift-Tuttle comet. Every year in July and August the Earth’s orbit passes by this river, creating a display of shooting stars for us to enjoy. Leave the lights of the city for a chance to see the radiance of the Perseid Meteor Shower from the seat of a kayak or canoe in the middle of the Haw River.

We will leave at 10pm, as the meteors are better seen late at night.  As the meteors are entering our atmosphere at speeds of up to 37 miles per second we will paddle around at a relaxed pace to enjoy the night sounds and the show. Eventually, we will “raft-up” and lay back to fully take in our surroundings and maybe make a few wishes on some shooting stars.

Limited space available. Reservations required. Register online or call (336/260-6465) to complete your reservation for this 2-3 hour event!

Trip Fee: $40 per participant.  Single kayaks, double kayak, and canoes are available.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Guest Appreciation Day

Each year we like to dedicate a day to say thank you to our paddling friends.  We begin with on-water paddling demonstrations followed by fun and educational events for both young and old.  There will be opportunities to try out and buy used canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards along with corresponding paddles and PFDs.  Bring any outdoor gear you would like to sell, swap or unload.

We will provide chili and ice tea.  Bring something-else to eat or drink to share with others.  The day will conclude with an early evening bonfire.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Paddle Brunch

Weekends are for recharging the mind, body and spirit. What better way to do that than to eat a nutritious meal of locally-grown food prepared by folks who know how to make it delicious, then exercise the body and renew the spirit while paddling on the Haw River?
The Haw River Canoe & Kayak Co. has partnered with the Saxapahaw General Store and the Pittsboro Roadhouse to offer a relaxing brunch followed by a river trip. Getting in touch with our natural surroundings will be the focus of this 2.5 hour paddle.

Fee: $60 per person with the canoe/kayak provided.
*The fee includes brunch with beverage.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Paddle & Patio Party

Grove imageA variation on our popular paddle dinner. Enjoy a leisurely two to three hour paddle on the Upper Haw River. This afternoon guided river trip ends with a visit to Grove Vineyards & Winery, where guests sit back and enjoy a Patio Pizza Party with a dinner consisting of pizza, salad and a beverage of your choice. A relaxing afternoon on the water followed by a memorable winery experience is a wonderful way to spend a day.

Fee: $60 per person with the canoe/kayak provided.
*The fee includes the pizza dinner and a glass of wine or beverage of your choice.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Pumpkin Paddle

We have a Halloween tradition of putting on our “Pumpkin Paddle” event the last two weekends in October.   This event takes place upriver of the Saxapahaw Lake Paddle Access.  Before launching into this placid section of river, we take time to attach your carved pumpkin to your choice of canoe, single kayak, or double kayak.  Illuminating the Jack-o-lanterns with candles or glowsticks, we set off for a 2-3 hour evening Paddle.  For those not accustomed to paddling in the dark, a night time paddle is truly a unique experience.  The glow of our groups pumpkins make for a grand sight to see.


Fee: $40 per person with guide, kayak or canoe, paddle/ PFD, and shuttle provided.

Advanced reservations required.

*Guests are asked to bring in a carved pumpkin for this trip!*






Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

River Clean-Up Paddle

Over the course of a year, trash builds up along riverbanks and in log piles — causing a hazard to fish and wildlife and spoiling the natural beauty of our waterways. To do our part in cleaning up the Haw River, The Haw River Canoe & Kayak Company sponsors three annual cleanups: March’s “Cleanup-A-Thon,” June’s “National Rivers Cleanup Day” and September’s “Big Sweep Cleanup.” Each is focused on a different stretch of river.

Canoes are provided at no charge for those participants who do not have a boat, and private boaters are encouraged to participate as well. We will help them shuttle their boats and equipment. All of the trash collected will be either recycled, if possible, or brought to a landfill by The Haw River Canoe & Kayak Company.

Fee: There is no trip fee, though registration is required.
*You are expected to collect at least one large trash bag of garbage per person and clean your boat.

River Clean-up Tips from the Haw River Assembly

Safety First:  Always wear puncture-proof gloves to pick up broken glass and sharp or rusted metal.  Make sure all children are safe and closely supervised.

Slippery slopes:  Be aware of muddy areas, slippery rocks and other places where you could fall.

Recycling:  Many cans and bottles near or in the river may be too dirty to recycle and must be trashed.  Use your judgment as to whether or not to recycle.

Trash Habitats:  Sometimes trash that has been in the woods or river for a long time has become habitat for an animal or insect colonyDecide whether or not it is better to just leave it alone.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Women’s Evening Paddle

Sometimes, you need to escape the stress of busy schedules, get away from it all and enjoy a peaceful, refreshing evening. That’s the idea behind the Women’s Evening Paddle, where your female river guide leads a “women only” group. The goal is to become rejuvenated through movement on the water, observing nature and enjoying the river in a group setting.

This 2.5-hour river trip begins while egrets and great blue herons begin their evening rest, and concludes with time to discuss what is important in life. It’s a unique trip designed by women for women.   After paddling, guests will find several great venues in our small village to enjoy a post paddle meal, drink, or social!

Fee: $40 per person with a canoe/kayak provided.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Couple’s Afternoon Pub Paddle

Sit-On-Top KayakersEscape the stress of busy schedules and get away for a peaceful afternoon. That’s the idea behind the Couple’s Afternoon Pub Paddle.  The goal is to recharge your batteries, observe nature and enjoy a relaxing post-paddle social.
The 2.5-hour river trip begins in early-afternoon and concludes with beer and snacks.  It’s a unique trip designed just for couples.

Fee: $60 per person with a canoe/kayak provided.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.