Shuttle Service

All river paddlers face the same problem: After paddling downriver, how do you get back to your vehicle?

If you’re paddling with a group, there’s a solution. After leaving others at the departure point, drivers move their vehicles downriver to where the trip will end. Then, they all pile into one vehicle and return upriver to begin the trip. The process is called “running the shuttle.”

Still, at the end of the river trip, one driver must return upriver to pick up that final vehicle.

It’s a time-consuming process, and many people would paddle more often if they had an easier way to shuttle their boat and gear — or if the entire shuttle process didn’t require a group of drivers.

At The Haw River Canoe & Kayak Co., we can help. Simply call in advance or register online to reserve a shuttle. We’ll make sure there’s room on our trailer for your boat and space in the van for you and your paddling gear. It couldn’t be simpler. Shuttle fees are just $20 per boat, which includes transportation of paddling gear and two people.