Stand Up Paddleboard Classes

Paddlboarding classFor all instruction, we provide a Stand Up Paddleboard, paddle, PFDs (personal floatation devices), shuttle service and at least one experienced instructor. Wetsuits are provided in cold weather. Be prepared to get wet in these classes and bring a towel and a change of clothes for after the class. Advance registration is required for all classes.

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Quick Start Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand up paddleboarding is a new and exciting way to get out into nature while, at the same time, having a full-body, paddling experience.  This introductory course is for those without previous stand up paddleboard experience.  It begins with learning to paddle in the prone position, progresses to the kneeling position and concludes with the stand up position.  Students will learn how to identify the “sweet spot”, conduct basic turns, paddle efficiently by using the “paddler’s box” and utilize techniques for safely falling off the board.

This 1.5-hour course is taught on the Haw River above the dams at both Saxapahaw and Bynum, NC. Participants are responsible for providing clothing and footwear that can get wet, and a change of clothing for the ride home.

Fee: $50 per person.

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Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga is a natural extension of Yoga – it encourages calm and focus, but it’s done outside, with nature serving as the studio space. Being on the water will add a little more balance challenge too!

In this course, we will offer a short tutorial on paddling a stand up paddleboard; however, it is best if you have had some previous paddleboard experience which can be obtained by taking our Quick Start Stand Up Paddleboard course. After a short paddle to a calm spot in the river, we will move through a Yoga practice as a group.  The practice will be tailored to participants’ experience with yoga. You will learn to perform Yoga poses while floating on water. Because of the moving surface, you will be engaging muscles that you would not normally, which makes this a fun and challenging class! Adding the imbalance of floating means that you will have to use your core much more than you would in a studio yoga class. We will finish  with seated meditation on the paddleboard and of course some time floating in Relaxation Pose. You may want to plan to get wet; falling off a paddleboard has been known to happen, but it can be done safely.

This 1.5 hour course is taught on the Haw River above the dam in Saxapahaw, NC and starts at 9:00 a.m. Participants are responsible for providing clothing and footwear that can get wet, a towel and a change of clothing for the ride home.

Annette Greenway is the instructor

Fee: $45 per person with paddleboard, paddle, PFD (Personal Floatation Device), anchor and instructor provided.

$30 Per person if bringing your own paddleboard to the session!

Sign up for three sessions within the season and receive the fourth session on us! 

Custom private sessions available as well! ask about our availability!


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