Meteor Shower Paddle

The Perseid Meteor Shower is a “river of rubble” leftover front the Swift-Tuttle comet. Every year in July and August the Earth’s orbit passes by this river, creating a display of shooting stars for us to enjoy. Leave the lights of the city for a chance to see the radiance of the Perseid Meteor Shower from the seat of a kayak or canoe in the middle of the Haw River.

We will leave at 10pm, as the meteors are better seen late at night.  As the meteors are entering our atmosphere at speeds of up to 37 miles per second we will paddle around at a relaxed pace to enjoy the night sounds and the show. Eventually, we will “raft-up” and lay back to fully take in our surroundings and maybe make a few wishes on some shooting stars.

Limited space available. Reservations required. Register online or call (336/260-6465) to complete your reservation for this 2-3 hour event!

Trip Fee: $35 per participant.  Single kayaks, double kayak, and canoes are available.

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