For most, our earliest memories recall scenes from nature that made us realize how small we really are in this world. Scenes that put us beside ourselves and made us forget the trivial and behold the grand. Holding to those memories we wish not to be the moment but to simply become a part of its pause. For us at Haw River Canoe & Kayak Co. the peace in that pause draws us on to the banks and into the currents, wading or paddling through nature’s rhythms to find our own. We inject our lives into the river one cast after another, with our hope tied delicately to the end of a floating line. Subtly, nature’s rhythms intertwine with our own and we begin to realize that the river has poured its life into ours as we see the first fish rise. Between those graceful lines and spirited runs we hardly notice the moment drifting silently past timeless stones and luscious banks until it washes into us, its perfect pause.