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We add trips to our schedule as they are requested. If you don’t see the trip you would like on our calendar you can register for the one you are interested in and we will add it to our calendar as long as our schedule permits. Trips are created on a first come, first serve basis so the further ahead you register the more options you have in trips and start time. Visit the Choosing a Trip page for guidance to help you decide which trip would be best for your group.

Outdoor activities are always subject to changes in weather. If there is just a light rain or passing shower we can go ahead with the trip. Incase of storms with heavy rains and/or lightning we will cancel the trip and notify you as far ahead as possible. Trip availability also depends on the river levels.

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Sat 9th Nov
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Designed for the total beginner who doesn't have time for more in-depth instruction, the "Quick Start" course offers a 3 hour, intense introduction to kayaking. The course emphasizes safety, enjoyment and skill acquisition, and follows American Canoe Association guidelines. Specific topics include personal preparation for the trip, safety and rescue, proper equipment, getting started and maneuvers. A review at the end of the course will help to insure learning.

Fee: $60 per person.

Sun 17th Nov
all day
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Big Alamance Creek, upriver of its confluence with the Haw River, and the river itself, upriver of the dams at Altamahaw, Saxapahaw and Bynum, NC, are great places to search for and watch birds and wildlife, especially in the early evening hours. The banks are heavily forested along the shoreline, creating ideal habitat for barred owls, one of the largest of owls. It isn’t always easy to see barred owls at night, but it is very easy to hear them as they call to each other. Male and female barred owls have different and distinctive calls, so it’s easy to identify them, even when you can’t see them. Their loud, sometimes hysterical sounding hoots, along with the slapping of beaver tails, make paddling at night an uncommon adventure.

Fee: $40 per person with the canoe/kayak provided.