Custom Trips

Bynum Lake by Elaine ChiossoDo you have something special in mind — paddling to a different destination or developing a unique adventure for your friends to join in on? Your business, church, or social group?

We can help. Our staff can design and manage the perfect event for your group, allowing participants to escape confining offices; learn about local history and natural resources; build a sense of teamwork; view rare plants, birds and wildlife; get to know one another better; learn new lifelong skills; and connect once again with nature.

It’s impossible to describe what is available, because there is no “typical” offering. Some recent adventures included:

  • Leaders from a local government exploring their natural resources, learning more about local history and getting to know each other better.
  • Church and social groups finding an experienced guide to help them explore and learn about special interests.
  • Corporate and bank executives building effective work teams by trading another day at the office for the escape of paddling and informal interaction of a leisurely luncheon.
  • Scouts enjoying the outdoors, learning about nature and working toward achievement badges.

The options are limitless.  Call into our offices for help in booking your next adventure

Private: Poker Paddle Fundraising for Non-profits

Non-profit organizations always have a need to raise money to support their programs. Since we at The Haw River Canoe & Kayak Company believe that you cannot expect people to care about nature unless they feel some connection with it, we are offering a way for non-profit organizations to raise funds while getting out on the river to have fun paddling.

We will place five 5-gallon buckets, in plain view, along an easy stretch of the Haw River. In each bucket will be a deck of cards. Each deck will have a distinctive design. Within a bucket, each card in the deck will be in a separate, sealed envelope. Poker Paddle participants will paddle to each bucket, withdraw one envelope from each bucket and return to the registration table. At that point, each envelope will be opened and the participant will know her/his poker hand.

The non-profit organization will determine the entrance fee and provide winning prizes.

Fee: In addition to the non-profit entrance fee, there is a self-guided trip fee of $25 per person for those needing a canoe or kayak. There is no additional fee for individuals bringing a personal canoe or kayak to participate in the fundraising event.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Polar Bear Paddle

There is no better way to start the New Year off right then to get out on the river and enjoy what nature has to offer. It seems that at this time of year, most of us are making resolutions about how we want to make improvements in our lives. So, start the year off right doing what you love to do — paddling.

This annual tradition is always held the first Saturday in January, and is for those with a boat, paddling gear and the necessary clothing for cold weather paddling.

Fee: There is no trip fee, though registration is required.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Pumpkin Paddle

We have a Halloween tradition of putting on our “Pumpkin Paddle” event the last two weekends in October.   This event takes place upriver of the Saxapahaw Lake Paddle Access.  Before launching into this placid section of river, we take time to attach your carved pumpkin to your choice of canoe, single kayak, or double kayak.  Illuminating the Jack-o-lanterns with candles or glowsticks, we set off for a 2-3 hour evening Paddle.  For those not accustomed to paddling in the dark, a night time paddle is truly a unique experience.  The glow of our groups pumpkins make for a grand sight to see.


Fee: $40 per person with guide, kayak or canoe, paddle/ PFD, and shuttle provided.

Advanced reservations required.

*Guests are asked to bring in a carved pumpkin for this trip!*






Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

River Clean-Up Paddle

Over the course of a year, trash builds up along riverbanks and in log piles — causing a hazard to fish and wildlife and spoiling the natural beauty of our waterways. To do our part in cleaning up the Haw River, The Haw River Canoe & Kayak Company sponsors three annual cleanups: March’s “Cleanup-A-Thon,” June’s “National Rivers Cleanup Day” and September’s “Big Sweep Cleanup.” Each is focused on a different stretch of river.

Canoes are provided at no charge for those participants who do not have a boat, and private boaters are encouraged to participate as well. We will help them shuttle their boats and equipment. All of the trash collected will be either recycled, if possible, or brought to a landfill by The Haw River Canoe & Kayak Company.

Fee: There is no trip fee, though registration is required.
*You are expected to collect at least one large trash bag of garbage per person and clean your boat.

River Clean-up Tips from the Haw River Assembly

Safety First:  Always wear puncture-proof gloves to pick up broken glass and sharp or rusted metal.  Make sure all children are safe and closely supervised.

Slippery slopes:  Be aware of muddy areas, slippery rocks and other places where you could fall.

Recycling:  Many cans and bottles near or in the river may be too dirty to recycle and must be trashed.  Use your judgment as to whether or not to recycle.

Trash Habitats:  Sometimes trash that has been in the woods or river for a long time has become habitat for an animal or insect colonyDecide whether or not it is better to just leave it alone.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Roanoke River Swamps Weekend Paddle Trip

The Roanoke River originates in the Virginia mountains.  As the river crosses the Virginia-North Carolina boundary, it flows through rolling hills and flat land.  It then empties into Albermarle Sound near Plymouth, NC.  As it cuts its way across the Coastal Plain, the Roanoke River spreads out over a very large floodplain creating one of the largest swamp ecosystems in the eastern United States.  The swamps are habitat to many common wildlife species such as turkey, deer, bobcat, raccoon, opossum, squirrel and barred owls and rare species like the black bear, bald eagles and the many species of Neotropical migratory birds that are declining in number.  The quality of the swamp forests is itself rare.

This weekend paddle trip begins at 9:00 a.m. on the first day as participants meet at Roberson’s Marina on Gardner Creek near Jamesville, NC.  After meeting and having introductions, we will run a shuttle to Jamesville, NC.  From the put-in on Gardner Creek, our paddle trip will take us down Gardner Creek, through Devil’s Gut swamp, down the Roanoke River and on to Jamesville.

The next day, we will paddle one of two other swamps near Williamston, NC or Plymouth, NC; either Sweetwater Creek swamp or Conaby Creek swamp.  Our trip will end in mid to late afternoon so participants can begin their journey home before it gets too late.

Fees: The trip fee is $230.00 per person.  We can suggest various establishments for overnight accommodations.  A canoe or kayak, PFD, paddle, lunch both days and an experienced guide/naturalist are provided.

Guests are responsible for transportation to and from the put-ins, lodging, meals other than 2 lunches, appropriate clothing for the time of year, a waterproof bag for extra clothes and gear, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, light-weight rain gear and foot wear that can get dirty and/or wet.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Spirit Island Overnight Camp Out: Guided Trip

Need to get away for the weekend, but don’t want to go too far from home? Spirit Island, on the Haw River, is an ideal place to shed the stresses of an urban lifestyle and enjoy isolation, beautiful scenery and plenty of birds and wildlife.

Beginning at Saxapahaw, we paddle 4.5 miles to the island on a river section free from rapids, but home to great blue herons, Canada geese, cormorants, muskrats, beavers, turtles, ospreys, red-tail hawks, belted kingfishers and an occasional bald eagle.

At the island, we set up tents on one of two camping platforms and soak up the surroundings before an evening meal. After breakfast the next day, we paddle back to Saxapahaw and arrive by noon.

Fee: $175 per person – canoe, dinner and breakfast provided, $170 per person with your own boat.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Women’s Evening Paddle

Sometimes, you need to escape the stress of busy schedules, get away from it all and enjoy a peaceful, refreshing evening. That’s the idea behind the Women’s Evening Paddle, where your female river guide leads a “women only” group. The goal is to become rejuvenated through movement on the water, observing nature and enjoying the river in a group setting.

This 2.5-hour river trip begins while egrets and great blue herons begin their evening rest, and concludes with time to discuss what is important in life. It’s a unique trip designed by women for women.   After paddling, guests will find several great venues in our small village to enjoy a post paddle meal, drink, or social!

Fee: $40 per person with a canoe/kayak provided.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Couple’s Afternoon Pub Paddle

Sit-On-Top KayakersEscape the stress of busy schedules and get away for a peaceful afternoon. That’s the idea behind the Couple’s Afternoon Pub Paddle.  The goal is to recharge your batteries, observe nature and enjoy a relaxing post-paddle social.
The 2.5-hour river trip begins in early-afternoon and concludes with beer and snacks.  It’s a unique trip designed just for couples.

Fee: $60 per person with a canoe/kayak provided.

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.

Custom Trips & Courses Available

Throughout the winter season The Haw River Canoe and Kayak Company will be offering a wide array of custom guided and self guided trips.

Experienced guides and staff members are available to lead groups down several different sections of the Haw River. Weather and water level permitting.

From simple day trips, extended overnight trips, private and group instruction, to class 1-2 sections of the Lower Haw River.  We can tailor a program to fit your needs!

Self Guided trips will also be available if you are looking to get out on your own, depending on weather.

Call in today to speak with a staff member about what opportunities we have available, 336-260-6465

Next dates: Please call 336-260-6465 to check availbility for this trip.